Criminal Law

There are so many things that can happen to us in our lives.  Unfortunately nobody can be assured against criminal offences or accusations in their lives.

German law differs considerably from Russian and Ukrainian law.

Genadi Lewinsky is a Russian, German, English and Ukrainian speaking lawyer specialising in criminal law who perfectly knows all subtleties of the local legislation in Germany.

You can be assured that our lawyers offer you qualified advice and are prepared to protect you and your rights in all courts.

Crimes committed in Germany are punishable with fines or deprivation of liberty.

Persons on trial require legal representation in German court.  Legal representation must be offered only by experienced lawyers.

A German lawyer Genadi Lewinski gained the additional qualification “Specialist for Criminal Law”.

Do you require legal defence in Criminal Law? We grant you confidentiality and qualified defence. Contact our legal office by phone, email or skype.