Trade Law

Do you intend to do business in Germany? The experienced lawyer Genadi Lewinski is an authorised translator who speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. Genadi Lewinski has a solid experience working in the Law Faculty at the German University, and in working in the legal sector in Germany. He works with the full spectrum of commercial transactions.

Our law office helps you to prepare and review your contracts.   Please consider that foreign trade deals have many peculiarities. It relates not only to the distributor contracts and agent agreements but also to purchase and sale contracts. One example is the real estate purchase and sale agreement, (“Contract of Purchase”) as it is called in German.

This contract has a lot of peculiarities which are typical only in Germany.

For a successful representation of interest in commercial courts it is very important to work out a balanced defence strategy when signing a contract.

A high qualified lawyer Genadi Lewinski offers you reliable protection in court.