Knowledge and experience are our main foundation for professional conduct of business.


We speak the same language with the client. Free communication in German, English, Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​is possible.

High quality

Years of experience and the recommendations of our customers are an indicator of our quality work.


Creative and individual approach to each client


The duty to preserve lawyer secrets is the foundation of a trusting relationship between us and our clients.


The main objective of our office is to provide legal services to companies working in the prospective Eastern European markets, particularly in the Ukraine, Russia and other NIS countries.

We offer expert legal advice to German and foreign companies which are establishing representative offices, companies and joint ventures, as well as advice on direct investments and other transactions in Eastern Europe and Germany.

Genadi Lewinski is a sworn-in interpreter and an authorized translator from Ukrainian and Russian languages. This makes it possible to conduct business negotiations in the language of the country, to execute all necessary agreements in a professional manner, and to have documentation translated and checked based on the knowledge of a specific legal system.


Corporate law

Labour law

Criminal law

Civil law

Trade Law

Family law

Immigration law

Right of Repatriates

Road right

Intellectual property Law



One can never predict where and under what circumstances the services of a highly qualified lawyer will be needed. Often, a banal language barrier can be a significant obstacle to solving your problem, especially when seeking quality legal assistance.

Genadi Lewinski - a Russian-speaking lawyer in Germany with many years of successful work experience will provide you with highly qualified legal assistance in all areas of law in the language you understand!