Right of late Repatriates

In accordance with the German Law, ethnic German immigrants from the UdSSR such (Spätaussiedler, Vertriebene) are granted exceptional treatments. One of the most important treatments is the “Law about pension” (Fremdrentengesetz, FRG). There are specific regulations for pension calculation of ethnic German immigrants, such as the recognition of the overseas employment time.

Unfortunately ethnic Germans who immigrated from Russia or Kazakhstan to Germany and are accustomed to Russian mentality are not always aware of their rights.

An experienced Russian speaking lawyer provides you with qualified advice on all immigration matters:

  •  Ethnic German immigration
  • Recognition and change of status
  • Recognition of overseas employment time
  • German Citizenship
  • Appeal of authorities’ decisions

Our lawyers are prepared to advise you about the current legal position of the German law and assists you with the application process for German citizenship. Our law office grants you a qualified representation in the court and all required assistance. Should you need individual advice please do not hesitate to contact us!

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